Hear for the Holidays!

Hear for the Holidays!

Tis the season…to talk to a loved one about their hearing loss. The holiday season in California is always full of family dinners and holiday parties. After repeating yourself for what feels like the hundredth time, you may be tempted to walk out of the room, leaving grandpa sitting all by himself.

Instead, this can be the year you finally have the talk, convincing him to get his hearing checked and start the journey toward a better quality of life.

Hearing loss affects everyone, not just the individual with the impairment. Instead of getting frustrated and giving up, if you follow these few steps you can be part of the solution.

  1. Have an honest conversation. Tell your loved one why you want them to get their hearing checked. You can remind them of the things they are missing or how they must feel when they have to rely on others to communicate.
  2. Share success stories. These stories can be personal or testimonies from the Internet. These will show your loved one that they are not alone; hearing loss affects 48 million individuals in California and throughout the U.S. and those that take the plunge and get hearing aids are glad they did.
  3. Offer support. Going to the doctor and facing the fact that you have hearing loss is scary. Offer to help them make an appointment and attend the visit with them.
  4. Remind them that they have nothing to lose. Scheduling a hearing consultation is just a quick, painless visit to a doctor’s office. They are not committing to anything. Your loved one will be able to learn about hearing loss and the available treatment options.

Most importantly, remind them that you love them. This is for them. You do not want them living in isolation, missing out on the things they used to enjoy.

Dr. Marni Novick

Founder & Audiologist

Marni Novick, AuD, is founder of Silicon Valley Hearing, Inc., which opened its doors in 2014, with the promise of delivering honest and affordable hearing health care, along with exceptional customer service to her valued patients.

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