Oticon Intent

Offered By Dr. Novick in Los Gatos, California

The Oticon Intent hearing aids introduce a pioneering advancement in the field of audiology with the integration of the world’s first user-intent sensors. Powered by the advanced Sirius platform, these hearing aids are designed to capture listening intentions through innovative 4D Sensor technology. This technology seamlessly adapts to provide users with a comprehensive and individual hearing experience.

Oticon Intent Hearing Aids in Los Gatos, CA

Silicon Valley Hearing in Los Gatos, CA, is proud to present the Oticon Intent, a benchmark in hearing aid technology designed to support a range of hearing needs. This sophisticated device offers an enriching sound experience, coupled with cutting-edge features tailored for ease of use and patient comfort.

About the New Oticon Intent

The Oticon Intent comes equipped with noteworthy advancements aimed at creating a natural, immersive audio environment for the user. Key features include an enhanced sound processing algorithm that delivers clear, rich sound quality, and a range of connectivity options for seamless integration with smartphones and other devices. Additionally, the Oticon Intent boasts a discreet, ergonomic design, ensuring comfort throughout the day.

Options available for Oticon Intent

Available in various models to suit individual preferences and hearing needs, the Oticon Intent caters to a broad spectrum of hearing loss degrees, from mild to profound. Each model incorporates specific functionalities designed to enhance user experience, such as rechargeability options, resistance to moisture and debris, and user-friendly controls for personalized sound adjustments.

Notable Features:

- Advanced sound processing for superior sound quality.

- Seamless connectivity with smartphones and other devices.

- Discreet, ergonomically designed models for comfort and aesthetics.

- Rechargeable options for convenience and eco-friendliness.

- Moisture and debris resistance, ensuring durability.

- User-friendly controls for easy sound personalization.

- Wide range of models to cater to different degrees of hearing loss.

- Customizable sound profiles to suit individual listening environments.

- Integration with the Oticon ON App for remote control and monitoring.

- Tinnitus management features to provide relief from ringing in the ears.

Professional fittings of Oticon Intent by experienced Audiologist Dr. Marni Novick.

At Silicon Valley Hearing, we understand the importance of hearing well for a patient's overall quality of life. That's why we offer the latest in hearing aid technology, such as the Oticon Intent, designed to provide a rich and natural hearing experience. Our commitment to best practices, including the use of Real Ear Measurements, ensures that your hearing aids are personalized to your unique hearing profile.

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