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Musicians know exactly how they want to listen to their music. Whether you’re live on stage, studio mixing, or simply just want to listen to your music, in-ear monitors (IEMs) are wonderful devices that can help you get the most out of your listening experience. While IEMs are available in a universal form factor, custom fitted IEMs are most preferred. Custom fitted to your individual ear shape (just like a fingerprint, no two ears are alike) to ensure adequate noise reduction from ambient surroundings, which allows you to control the sound volume in your ears for optimal hearing protection and safety.

We proudly carry and demo the custom IEM line from 64 Audio. A 30-minute sound demo consultation allows you to demo the various 64 Audio IEM products so you can choose what is best for your listening pleasure.  This service is complimentary with purchase; however if you are not ready to purchase the day of your consultation, there is a $65 consult/demo fee that will be placed toward your future purchase of IEMs.

Ear Impressions

$140 for ear impressions only; Cost for impressions with purchase of IEMs is $60 per pair. If ear cleaning services are needed, there is an additional fee ranging from $95-$130, depending on level of complexity and ear cleaning method that needs to be used.

64 Audio A3t

A3t is 64 Audio’s newest three driver custom fit in-ear monitor. The goal with A3t was simple: make a reference monitor that rivals products more than 5x its price, this simple yet powerful arrangement of balanced armature drivers and crossover components achieves that perfectly. This is a perfect tool for any audio engineer or musician looking for a neutral, balanced and musical reference monitor for live and recorded performance.
$899 - Reserve Now
(ear impressions +$60)

64 Audio A4s

The A4s is the newest four driver custom in-ear monitor by 64 Audio. This complete redesign of their four driver platform is elevated by the Dynamic low frequency driver, making this 64 Audio’s second hybrid custom IEM. Along with that major update, inside A4s is their Tia technology, LID and their patented Apex and 3Dfit tech. While this is targeted at musicians looking for a rich enveloping monitoring experience, the frequency response, detail, and soundstage capabilities of A4s exceed other audiophile products at almost any price point.
$1099 - Reserve Now
(ear impressions +$60)

64 Audio A6t

The in-ear monitor of choice for many touring musicians and discerning music lovers. The A6t offers detailed highs, smooth mids, defined lower-mids, and deep lows. Multi-instrumentalists, engineers and audiophiles can expect great extension and more headroom from this model.
$1299 - Reserve Now
(ear impressions +$60)

64 Audio N8

The N8, or "Nate," is an industry-first signature in-ear monitor developed in collaboration with legendary bassist and producer, Nathan East. This hybrid in-ear monitor offers unique textures and rich, soulful sound. It's powerful lows and deep, airy sub-bass define the sound signature, making it a favorite among multi-instrumentalists, audiophiles, engineers, and, of course, bassists.
$1699 - Reserve Now
(ear impressions +$60)

64 Audio A12t

The ultimate in-ear monitor for professionals onstage or in the studio. The A12t does it all, delivering detailed highs, distinguished upper and lower mid-range detail, a clean bass response, and strong sub-bass. Offering reference-level detail, this IEM is among the best for multi-instrumentalists, engineers, sound monitors, and audiophiles.
$1999 - Reserve Now
(ear impressions +$60)

64 Audio A18t

Packed with an unbelievable 18 balanced armature drivers per ear, the A18t is our top-of-the-line reference in-ear monitor. This industry-first design pushes the limits of what a reference monitor can be with incredible detail, extension, and unmatched clarity across all frequencies with a powerful low-end and extended sub-bass. The A18t is preferred by critical listeners in engineering, monitoring and mixing, and audiophiles.
$2999 - Reserve Now
(ear impressions +$60)

64 Audio A18s

Designed for professionals on stage and in the studio, the A18s is the final authority on flagship in-ear monitors that boast elite performance. Based on the world’s first 18-driver earphone, it provides the clarity and precision necessary for sound engineering with the warmth, power, and headroom demanded by musicians taking the stage. Now including LID technology the A18s is their most capable and versatile in-ear monitor ever created.
$2999 - Reserve Now
(ear impressions +$60)

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