Prevent Loss of Hearing Aids While Wearing Face Masks

Prevent Loss of Hearing Aids While Wearing Face Masks

Prevent Loss of Hearing Aids While Wearing Face Masks

It looks like we are all going to be wearing face mask for a period of time. We have received recent reports from our own patients about the loss of their hearing aids. While we are uncertain about how long we will need to continue the practice of using face masks out in public places and at your doctors’ office, following these helpful tips can prevent the loss of your precious investment and prevent your hearing aids from flying across the room:

  • Don’t put on or remove your mask too quickly! Take your time so as not to knock your hearing aid(s) out.
  • Remove your mask from one ear at a time, taking care to keep one hand on your hearing aid while removing the ear loop with your other hand. Then do the same for the other ear.
  • Double check that both hearing aids are still in place after you put on or remove your mask.
  • For those who have hearing aids paired to their smartphones, we recommend changing the location services for the hearing aid app to “Always”, so it will always track your location whether or not you are using the app. (As long as you feel comfortable with those privacy settings.) If you need our help with this, please let us know!
  • Please share these tips with your family members and friends. You are welcome to forward this email or share the message posted on our Facebook page.

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Dr. Marni Novick

Founder & Audiologist

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