Oticon Real

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Introducing Oticon Real Hearing Aids, the newest hearing aid from industry leader Oticon. With practical advancements and innovative features, Oticon Real offers an improved hearing experience for those with hearing loss.

Features of Oticon Real

The top features of Oticon Real include BrainHearing technology for open and natural sound, RealSound Technology for enhanced speech clarity, and the Sudden Sound Stabilizer for comfortable listening. Additionally, Oticon Real offers Bluetooth connectivity with iOS and Android devices, rechargeable and disposable battery options, and compatibility with Oticon’s ConnectClip, TV ConnectLine and EduMic accessories. Powered by Oticon's new Polaris R platform, these hearing aids are designed for any situation. Perfect for our golfers and active hearing aid wearers, the Wind & Handling Stabilizer ensures reduced wind and handling noise. Oticon Real is available in four distinct styles with multiple colors, allowing you to choose the perfect hearing aid for you. With seamless connectivity, Oticon Real acts as a wireless headset for hands-free phone and video calls with most iPhone and iPad devices. You can also enjoy high-quality streaming from select iOS and Android devices or directly stream sound from your television with the Oticon TV Adapter. With Oticon Real, you can elevate your hearing experience and embrace the power of real sound. Book your appointment with your local Audiologist Marni Novick and experience the power of Oticon Real today!

  • Open and natural sound with BrainHearing technology
  • RealSound Technology for enhanced speech clarity
  • Wind & Handling Stabilizer for reduced noise
  • Sudden Sound Stabilizer for comfortable listening
  • Elegant design with customizable styles and colors
  • Seamless connectivity with iOS and Android devices
  • Rechargeable and disposable battery options
  • Compatible with ConnectClip and EduMic accessories
  • Direct TV streaming with Oticon TV Adapter
  • Hands-free phone and video calls support

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