Resound Nexia

Offered By Dr. Novick in Los Gatos, California

Resound Nexia is the latest innovation in hearing aid technology, developed by GN Hearing for individuals with varying degrees of hearing loss. Bluetooth LE Audio and Auracast broadcast audio features allow seamless streaming and communication in public venues, while its microRIE design offers a compact yet powerful option that does not sacrifice battery life or comfort. Resound Nexia also introduces new connectivity options with multiple devices and a specialized TV-Streamer+ for an improved television viewing experience.

Resound Nexia Features

  • Bluetooth LE Audio and Auracast broadcast audio support for low-energy, high-quality sound streaming.
  • MicroRIE design that is 25% smaller than standard RIEs, yet fully featured.
  • Advanced speech understanding in noise with a 4-mic binaural beamformer and omni-directional system.
  • Compatibility with multiple simultaneous connections and hands-free calls with other Bluetooth devices.
  • A new wireless CROS/BiCROS system for individuals with single-sided deafness.
  • Tailored to individuals with mild to profound hearing loss for superior hearing in noisy environments.
  • Enhanced TV watching experience with the TV-Streamer+ feature.
  • Comprehensive support through the Smart 3D app, instructional videos, and a 'Hear in Noise' program.

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