Phonak Paradise

Offered By Dr. Novick in Los Gatos, California

Phonak Paradise hearing aids have been replaced by the Phonak Lumity.

Phonak's new Paradise hearing aids feature the latest in hearing technology like universal connectivity (Android and iOS), rechargeability and tinnitus relief features. With Paradise hearing aids, you can pair to two different Bluetooth devices simultaneously, allowing for more convenience and ease in connecting to the devices around you.

Features of Phonak Paradise

  • A full day of use from a single charge using Phonak's Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery system
  • Remote adjustment (telehealth) capabilities
  • Direct streaming from Bluetooth-enabled TVs
  • Available Phonak TV Connector accessory for easier television listening
  • Stereo streaming from iPhone (iOS) , iPad, MacOS, Android and Windows

IMPORTANT: Phonak Paradise has been replaced by the new Phonak Lumity.

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